Downhill Skate Team

These guys ride skateboards; sometimes long ones, sometimes short ones. No matter what they’re riding, you’ll most likely find them bombing mountain passes or raging down the steep city streets that made you say, “nah, I’ll walk it”.

Ross Druckrey

Ross grew up snowboarding in Minnesota before moving to Oregon and putting his life on four wheels. Known for his lengthy switch slides and big airs off slide jam kickers, Ross prefers to skate fast technical roads while avoiding the use of his hands. He is now a team rider for Sector 9 and works in marketing/media at Tactics. When he isn’t skating or filming a video, he is busy organizing the next big downhill event in the northwest.

Jaden Chavez

Jaden is an Oregon native that has been skating the hills of Eugene as long as anyone. Whether shredding a pool, mountain road, or manning the camera, he knows how to handle. The driving force behind BANGTOWN MEDIA, Jaden keeps it real and brings you the rawest of clips. He also works on the shop floor at Tactics and knows his gear. If you come into the shop looking for a downhill setup, he’s your guy.

Alec Whitman

No car and little work puts Alec on his board all day. This longtime Eugene local is always down to skate, and never needs a ride. He’ll push to your door before you even get off the couch. Whether skating across town or bombing a technical run, this dude only knows one speed: full speed. While everyone else in town was learning to stand up slide and ride switch, Alec was tucking through the straights and dialing in his pre-drifts. Don’t leave an inch of slop on your line or he’ll take the inside and leave you in the dust.