Whether it is an amazing pow day or a rainy park day you will never see one of these guys without a huge smile on their face. They simply just love snowboarding. Regardless of how terrible the conditions are, you will always hear every session ending with “Dude. Today was so sick!”


Justin Norman

There are not that many people out there with the passion for snowboarding that J-Norm has. He rides all day and goes to school all night. He can ride absolutely everything and already has some insane video parts under his belt. Keep your eyes peeled you will being seeing a lot of J-Norm in the future.

Jake Selover

Jake’s all-terrain, skate-everything approach also caught the eye of Lifeblood Skateboards’ founder and industry veteran Bryce Kanights, who added Jake to Lifeblood’s flow roster last year. Vans and Volcom also know talent when they see it, supporting Jake in the parks and streets as well as on the snow.

Jonah Owen

A Eugene-native currently residing in Bend, Jonah Owen seems to be doing everything right. From turning pro for Rome Snowboards in 2012 to filming with the Video Grass crew to buying a home with a private bowl in the backyard, Jonah’s got it all going on.

Beau Cummins

Beau may be categorized as a member of our snow team but he is truly a Jack of all trades. Not only did he win the Trans Am at Bachelor last year, but we had to rename our last skate team trip to the “Who Invited Beau” trip. We don’t know where Beau will go with his skate/snow carrier and frankly, we don’t care; we just want to be a part of it.

Randal Seaton

Another Bend-area snowboarder, Randal has one of the most relaxed styles you’ll ever see. You know how some people don’t know what to do with their hands when they’re riding? Randal’s the exact opposite. Nothing’s forced, and everything comes easy. Keep an eye out for Randal. He’s coming up quick.


Jared Elston

The newest member of Tactic’s snow team, Jared currently lives in Bend, so you know he’s getting plenty of time with pros Jonah Owen and other team riders Randal Seaton and Justin Norman. Big things coming in 2015 for Jared.

Demetri Bales

You may recognize Meech from the Bachelor Party and Sweeney Todds edits on snowbaordermag. With his unique style and creative approach to snowboarding, you can expect to see a lot more him.

Jordan Demoss

Although you can often find D behind the lens of a camera. He is far from just a filmer. Jordan has a plethora of rail tricks but he is a powder hound at heart and you can always find him in the white room on a knee deep day.

Devyn Schnake

Don’t let Devyn’s calm personality fool you. Whether she is winning the Dirksen Derby, winning the Trans Am at Mt. Bachelor, coaching up at High Cascade, or throwing down a slash on The Canyon at Lincoln City Skatepark, Devyn Shreds.


Tanner DeMoss

When you’re part of the Alpha-Bit crew, filming, shredding, putting out edits on the reg, AND your older brother is already on the team, it only makes sense for you to eventually get on.