Backing skateboarders at all levels. That’s what we’re about. From up-and-coming rippers to Thrasher’s 2008 Skater Of The Year and everywhere in between, Tactics is proud to support this group of skateboarders. Click through to learn more about our skate team.

silas baxter-nealSilas Baxter-Neal

Northwest through and through, Silas grew up literally across the street from Tactics long before the shop found its home at 4th and Lawrence in Eugene, OR. Moving to San Francisco at 19, then Colorado, then Cali, then Chicago before making his way back to the Pacific Northwest, Silas is Eugene’s hometown hero. Watch out for Thrasher’s 2008 S.O.T.Y. to drop a full part with adidas Skateboarding this fall.

josh matthewsJosh Matthews

Another hometown hero, Josh Matthews left the Eugene/Springfield area in 2004 before finding residence in San Francisco by 2007. Making the move to LA in 2014, Josh gave himself one year in Southern California, but it just wasn’t for him, recently relocating back to the City By The Bay.

cody lockwoodCody Lockwood

Travelling the world building the best skateparks with your buds…not a bad gig. Cody has no problem throwing ‘crete and tying rebar for 14 hours before getting a session. The all-terrain ripper from Klamath Falls calls Portland “home”, but you won’t find him in the City of Roses too often in the summer as he roams Europe to #skateeverything.

dalton dern ribbon front bluntDalton Dern

Hailing from Orlando, FL but currently residing in Oceanside, CA, Dalton exudes the Lifeblood Skateboards mantra: #skateeverything. 2014-15 has been busy for Dalton, winning Tactics’ inaugural Northwest Jam last August, showing up full-page in SkateboardMag crushing a 34-set in Portland, scored the opening part in Lifeblood’s Service For The Sick, and ripped the finals at Boardr Am Tampa and Phoenix Am.

Jake Selover

Jake’s all-terrain, skate-everything approach also caught the eye of Lifeblood Skateboards’ founder and industry veteran Bryce Kanights, who added Jake to Lifeblood’s flow roster last year. Vans and Volcom also know talent when they see it, supporting Jake in the parks and streets as well as on the snow.

Austin Thongvivong

Whether he’s crushing the street plaza at his local park, stacking instagram clips, or winning a best trick contest, Austin always seems to have a smile on his face. His talent, youthful energy, and positive attitude elevate the vibes of everyone around him..

Caleb Grant

Peep Game doesn’t do anything but skate. No job, no worries. A true skate rat, Caleb will become physically bummed when he can’t skate, which, unfortunately, happens quite often in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Justin James

Double J. He does a little bit of everything. When we don’t have him slangin’ boards in the shop, JJ is usually out skating, filming, snowboarding, or teaching kids how to roll around the local parks. Another long-time team rider, Justin is always down for a session.

Nick Propios

From the 808 to the 541, Nicky P is always flashing those pearly whites. Seriously, try to roll up on Nick without him smiling…it won’t happen. A true skate rat, and just like and Justin, Nick’s been with Tactics for 10+ years.

Frank Castanette

Portland. Eugene. Back to Portland. Wherever you find Frank, one thing is certain: he rips. But what else would you expect when the good folks at Bacon Skateboards give you the nod and flow you boards? Frank’s one of those unassuming dudes that will blow you away when you least expect it. We’re hyped he’s on the team.

Sean Donnelly

Sean claims street isn’t his thing. While he definitely seems more comfortable skating tranny, we’ll happily agree to disagree about his street skills, cause we’ve seen it first hand.

John Morgan

J-Mo. Seaside John. The Human Noodle. It’s either land or slam with this dude. If you find a J-Mo bail section, well…actually, you probably will never find one of those. It’s all or nothing when skating with Seaside John.

Beau Cummins

Originally added to our snow team back in 2012, we invited Beau on a skate trip and immediately knew he should be skating for us as well. Beau and Jake Selover are our two team riders that hold it down in streets, park, AND snow.

James Sisneroz

James has flip tricks on lock. No, really, it’s why he took second in our Tactics Game of S.K.A.T.E. earlier this year beating out other team riders and employees. Expect more from James very, very soon.

Ben Fernyhough

It’s not that he doesn’t get mad, more like we’ve just never seen it. Ferny is coming off a brutal leg injury but has been back on his board in recent months. Can’t say we’re not just as stoked to see him skating as he is to be back in the game.

Jesse Lear-Konold

After months of crushing it in our warehouse and skating with the team dudes all the time, it only made sense to add Jesse to the team. We’re not bummed his favorite tricks are no-complies and one-footers.

Josh Dulac

Josh may be youngest member on the Tactics team, but he might spend the most time on his skateboard. He is constantly traveling to different parks, and enters every contest he can find. Keep you eyes peeled, when you are this young and this good at skateboarding who knows where you will end up.

Danny Maretz

When you constantly hear, “Dude, Danny kills it,” it makes us wonder why we didn’t add him to the team sooner. From the streets of San Diego to the mountains of Oregon, Danny will skate anything and everything in a way you’d never think possible.